Verizon Launching Tiered 3G Data Pricing Soon

verizon building logo With the big announcement of the Pre 2 launch in North America coming to Verizon Wireless alongside the exclusive Skype for WebOS deal, Big Red has gone from the traditionally ho-hum approach toward all things to Palm to being an aggressive supporter of WebOS.

Furthermore, the carrier has made some recent moves to enhance its "value" perception, likely due to the carrier's longstanding perception as one of the priciest domestic wireless providers. In addition to permitting month-to-month prepaid service on nearly all of its smartphones (WebOS included) as we reported last month, Engadget is claiming that the carrier is following AT&T's lead and moving to a new tiered pricing structure for its 3G devices. This change is expected soon, possibly even as early as next week.

Under the terms of the new tiered pricing packages, the unlimited $30/month data plan will thankfully remain available but a new $15/month for 150mb of data will be available for light-duty users of all VZW smartphones.

Since Verizon's lineup will soon include the new Pre 2 alongside the carryover Pixi Plus and the EOL Pre Plus, all of the carrier's WebOS devices are wi-fi enabled. This will enable users on a budget to use wi-fi for primary connectivity while judiciously managing their allocated 3G data. Data overages will be charged at $.10 per megabyte of overages. No word if the "free" wi-fi hotspot feature currently being offered both Verizon Wireless WebOS devices will be discontinued when the tiered pricing goes into effect or when the Pre 2 launches.

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