Palm.Net in Europe this Summer

Palm.Net will be available in Europe later this summer and Palm is omitting the monthly fee for Europeans. Instead of the U.S. pricing scheme, a flat fee for a certain amount of data transferred to the Palm VII and a charge per kilobyte of data for all use beyond that, Europeans will be charged entirely on a per use basis.

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Paul S @ 6/27/2000 2:48:44 AM #
How about Canada? I wouldn't mind having here. in Europe

Darrin Roush @ 6/27/2000 7:38:29 PM #
Does anyone know if Palm VIIs in the US will work in Europe (i.e. will the network be Mobitex like it is here). If so, this will be great. Otherwise, when we travel to Europe, our Palm VII is worthless (as far as wireless capability is concerned).


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