Palm Pre 2 Hardware Changes Demo'd

While the main attraction of the upcoming Pre 2 is undoubtably WebOS 2.0, there are a number of small but distinct hardware improvements made to the device. A nice hands-on YouTube demo video was recently posted by showing all of the Pre 2's new features courtesy of Tim Pettitt, product manager for HP/Palm.

First of all, the exterior has seen some minor revisions, including a slightly thinner, more chiseled design to replace the "river stone" aesthetic of the original Pre. Addressing the numerous build quality woes over the past 18 months, Palm has improved the overall build quality as well as the response of the slider. The device's QWERTY keyboard has been enhanced even more from the already-improved Pre Plus keyboard, offering a tactile "click" according to Mr. Pettitt. In addition, a new Gorilla Glass scratch-resistant flat screen adorns the front, replacing the previous curved plastic screen.

The original Pre and Pre Plus performance issues should be addressed between the 1Ghz CPU and WebOS 2.0, as evidenced by the snappier performance of the demo device in the video. Additionally, PreCentral is reporting that the Pre 2's RAM modules are clocked at a speedier 200Mhz from the 166Mhz from its predecessors.

Another nice hands-on demo of the Verizon Pre 2 hardware and OS can be found on this PhoneScoop video. This video in particular shows the subtle tweaks to the device's body and the contrasting bezel around the screen and the restyled keyboard.

Finally, since the Pre 2 is currently only officially available in France via SFR, a nice side-by-side comparison from PalmPre-France (in French, of course) is available here comparing the two devices' multitasking and gaming performance. A keyboard and slider comparison is here.

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Error in report: LED flash

e-gadget-guy @ 11/11/2010 8:38:02 PM # Q
Please check your facts. The LED flash is not new to the Pre 2! All the PREs and PIXIs have an LED flash!

Good post otherwise.

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