More departures from Palm - Almaer and Galbraith Now Gone

Almost lost amidst the excitement surrounding the aftermath of the WebOS 2.0 and Pre 2 announcements in October was the quiet departure of Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer from Palm. Over the past year, the pair have acted as superb evangelists and keepers of the WebOS flame.

Both are probably best known to most PIC readers as the role as Heads of WebOS Developer Relations, developers of the initial revamped WebOS Facebook app, and also as the hosts of the development podcast videos. In particular, their chat with HP's Phil McKinney that we covered back in July is especially interesting.

While the news of their departure isn't a good thing for the WebOS platform, though they have more recently mentioned that they are starting their own consulting firm with an emphasis on HTML 5, with HP one of their first clients. You can follow their latest updates at and

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