Purported WebOS 2 Update Schedule

palm webos developer day Despite the recent launch of the Pre 2, the vast majority of WebOS loyalists eagerly awaiting an update to the new OS are still on the WebOS 1.x legacy devices: Pre, Pixi, Pre Plus, and Pixi Plus.

WebOSRoundup recently posted a purported leaked update schedule for first-generation WebOS devices. The domestic WebOS 2.x update will be released in the order in which each carrier launched their devices--Sprint will roll out their update first, followed by Verizon, and then AT&T. At the very least, March should at least see the start of the update rollout if not the entire update process.

In the same article, WebOSRoundup also hints that Sprint will not receive a new WebOS device until June of 2011, the 2-year anniversary of the original Pre. The new device will be a temporary Sprint exclusive and will be the first 4G WebOS device, as it be compatible with Sprint's Wi-Max network. As always, this report is unsubstantiated and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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