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1 2/25/2013 LG To Acquire WebOS for Use in Smart TVs
Topping a year of uncertainty and mostly silence from HP, Cnet has broken the story of LG's pending acquisition of the entire WebOS (former Palm) Global Business Unit, including patents, employees,…
2 6/5/2012 The Inside Story of the Death of Palm and webOS
The Verge has published an excellent insiders look into the "death of Palm and webOS." The well researched article looks back at Palm's efforts to revive the platform and companies fortunes in the…
3 2/3/2012 Whitman Talks About Future WebOS Plans in CRN Interview
CRN has posted excerpts of a new interview with HP CEO Meg Whitman in which she reveals some insight regarding her stance on the future of WebOS. On slide # 10 of the multi-page spread,…
4 1/25/2012 HP to Deliver Open WebOS 1.0 in September
HP today made a number of announcements regarding its plans to open source the WebOS operating system. HP has released a detailed schedule for releasing components of the OS with the full source…
5 1/12/2012 HP Releases Updates for TouchPad, Pre 2 and Pre 3
HP has released new round of webOS updates for the HP TouchPad, Pre 2 and even the officially unreleased Pre 3 smartphone. The free updates are available now as on device over the air downloads.…
6 12/9/2011 HP Eventually Plans to Release New WebOS Tablets
The dust has not even settled on today's mega-announcement from HP to open-source WebOS and we already have some new info straight from the mouth of CEO Meg Whitman and board member Marc Andreessen…
7 12/9/2011 HP to Open Source WebOS
HP has just posted a press release detailing its decision on its future plans for the webOS platform. In short, the company plans to open source the webOS software but is noncommittal on any future…
8 12/8/2011 HP Holding WebOS Decision Announcement Meeting Friday
Coming as something of a surprise this late Thursday evening, Precentral brings word of the breaking news that that HP CEO Meg Whitman has scheduled an all-hands meeting for Friday, December 9th. At…
9 12/1/2011 Whitman: HP to Decide on WebOS Within Weeks
According to a new report from AllThingsD, HP's CEO Meg Whitman is about ready to end the ongoing saga over the uncertain future of WebOS within the next two weeks. Speaking to a French newspaper,…
10 11/8/2011 Reuters Reports WebOS Sale Possible, Announcement Expected Soon
After nearly three months of uncertainty, it looks like the other shoe may be ready to drop for HP's WebOS decision. A Reuters article reports that HP is in talks to sell WebOS to any of "several"…
11 10/28/2011 Guardian Reports WebOS Days Are Numbered  
12 10/28/2011 WebOS Dev Head Leaves for Nokia  
13 10/18/2011 TouchPad Receives WebOS 3.04 Update  
14 9/2/2011 More Details on the Final TouchPad Production Run  
15 8/30/2011 HP to Resume Production on Final Batch of TouchPads  
16 8/30/2011 Full version of QuickOffice HD released for TouchPad  
17 8/23/2011 HP's DeWitt Speaks on the Future of WebOS and Hardware Support  
18 8/23/2011 TouchPad Quickoffice Document Editing Update Due This Week  
19 8/23/2011 AT&T Cancels Pre 3 for USA  
20 8/23/2011 HP Holds TouchPad Fire Sale, Sell Outs Ensue  
21 8/23/2011 WebOS 2.1 Now Available for the Verizon Pre 2  
22 8/19/2011 White 64GB Touchpad Now Available from HP  
23 8/18/2011 HP to Discontinue WebOS Devices  
24 8/18/2011 64GB HP TouchPad Now Available in France  
25 8/18/2011 Dismal TouchPad Sales Report Surfaces  
26 8/18/2011 HP lowers TouchPricing permanently by $100  
27 8/9/2011 QuickOffice to be Free for TouchPad, Paid for Smartphones  
28 8/2/2011 TouchPad 3.0.2 Update Initial Impressions  
29 8/2/2011 TouchPad 3.0.2 Update Now Available  
30 8/1/2011 WebOS 3.0.2 Touchpad Update Slated for Release Today  
31 7/26/2011 HP MovieStore Joins Kindle and 7digital Apps on WebOS  
32 7/12/2011 HP Announces TouchPad 4G for AT&T  
33 7/12/2011 HP's Jaaksi and Rubinstein Defend WebOS  
34 7/12/2011 iSupply Touchpad Teardown  
35 7/1/2011 TouchPad Reviews from Around the Web  
36 6/29/2011 HP Offers TouchPad Discount to Early WebOS Adopters  
37 6/28/2011 Businessweek on HP's TouchPad Launch Plans  
38 6/27/2011 Live Demo TouchPads Appearing in Wal-Mart  
39 6/27/2011 WebOS 2.1 Now Available for the Verizon Pre 2  
40 6/9/2011 HP TouchPad Goes on Sale July 1st  

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