TouchPad Promos Appearing at Membership Warehouse Retailers

In what is hopefully the first of many fast, furious, and frenzied retail pushes for HP's TouchPad line, the nation's largest membership warehouse retailers are upping the ante for launch pricing.

An insider has leaked word to WebOSroundup that Sam's Club will be undercutting other retailers (as well as corporate sibling Wal-Mart) out of the gate for by $21 across the board for both TouchPad SKUs. The 32Gb TouchPad will ring in at $578 at Sam's whereas the 16Gb version will sell for $478. A trip to my local Sam's last week revealed no other competing tablets other than a handful of leftover first-generation Apple iPads, so the retailer is likely getting set to make a big push for HP's latest.

Costco, meanwhile, is taking a page from their previous Android tablet promotions and is offering online pre-orders for the TouchPad at the standard $499 and $599 price points but will include a free case of unknown origin and construction. The Motorola Xoom wi-fi version that is currently being sold on clearance by Costco (possibly to make room for TouchPads) includes a genuine Motorola black gel case (list MSRP is $29.99) so the TouchPad should presumably include something of similarly high quality. Right now it is unknown whether or not Costco will offer the TouchPad in-store or only online though some user reports are suggesting that in-store TouchPad availability at Costco will vary by store and that stores receiving TouchPads will only offer the 32Gb version.

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