Two Bloomberg Interviews with Todd Bradley

HP todd bradley On the heels of their July 12th article discussing the recent management shakeup at HP, last week Bloomberg interviewed Todd Bradley, HP's Executive Vice President of the Personal Systems Group, from the Fortune's Braintech conference in Aspen, Colorado.

During the course of the six minute YouTube video interview segment, Mr. Bradley discusses the future that WebOS has within HP's product family. "Ubiquity" is used several times through the interview, and he mentions the importance of tying the company's software offerings to their hardware products via the cloud.

Most interestingly, Bradley again mentions that HP is very willing to talk to other companies about potentially distribute WebOS " partners who would expand our ecosystem....we know would be important in that realm of connected devices."

Unfortunately, Mr. Bradley does not revisit his comments made in the previous interview about the rejuvenated "hard launch" of the TouchPad on July 17th or the upcoming major ROM update hopefully arriving at the end of the month.

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No Mention of Smartphones

LiveFaith @ 7/26/2011 9:44:59 PM # Q
Todd never even referred to WebOS on the smartphone. Not the focus if the piece but it indicates that HP does not see that as a big market for them. WebOS is nice on the tab, but the phone shines more IMO. If only they would bring some competitive hw to make it really go. How @ Galaxy SII w/ WebOS?

But he did refer to how HP created Just Type etc as differentiation vs the iPad. I love exec speak. It's a lighter hearted version of the spin and deception that our elected leaders use. Lighter that is unless you're a stockholder.

I'll be interested to see what WebOS brings to the PC table. Just bought a new Dell studio PC for my wife with a HD touchscreen. Not a big fan of Win7 on a resistive toucher, but it actually can have a handy use or two. WebOS (app) on notebooks and desktops is intriguing, but I can't see the benefits to bring consumers and thus devs yet.

Anyway, not a bad interview.
Pat Horne

RE: No Mention of Smartphones
HyperScheduler @ 7/27/2011 8:59:16 AM # Q
You make great points. I, too, am curious regarding how WebOS will work on a traditional PC.
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