Eudora Releases Internet Suite 1.1

Eudora has released the first version of its Internet Suite which bundles a Web browser and an e-mail app. With EIS and a wireless or wired Internet connection, you can receive and send e-mail, synchronize e-mail directly between EIS and your Windows e-mail client and browse the Web without going through a proxy server.

EIS is free for Windows Eudora 4.3 users but costs $29.95 if you want to synch to other Windows e-mail apps. EIS will work without registration, but will prompt you periodically on a mail check to register.

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Nice email client but browser is crap

BrAtKo @ 7/3/2000 10:20:08 AM #
But Palm OS really needs good internet browser which will support all standards of these years. HTML4, DHTML, frames, tables, JavaScript, VBScript, JScript with Java VM. Like IE for PocketPC or Opera for EPOC. There is no any good browser on the market !!!

I have to agree...

Kevin M. @ 7/5/2000 9:11:09 AM #
That the EIS browser is not that powerfull. Infact I find it rather a waste of software for the Palm OS. The email software is a must for anyone


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