New Infrared Internet Access Kiosks in U.S. and Clarinet Infrared Systems have announced a partnership agreement to provide wireless infrared connectivity to travelers carrying handheld and laptop devices. The first eKiosks installed with Clarinet's infrared ports are located at Northwest Airlines WorldClubs in Minneapolis and Detroit. IrDA compliance is fully supported by Palm, Microsoft, Apple, and Linux in their OS software.

"By incorporating Clarinet infrared ports, eKiosks provide Internet connectivity at the speed of light, without the hassle of hooking up wires and cables,'' said Don Heidrich, CEO of "Anyone using an IR-ready device can instantly access an eKiosk to check and send email or surf the Web.''

In the future, expect to find these in hotels, airport lounges, and hospitality suites.

To the right is an example of an eKiosks Internet access points. They have several other designs in different colors and some in wooden cases. They range from very hi-tech to very Old World in looks.

Clarinet sells the EthIR LAN 101, a stand-alone infrared ethernet access point for $249.

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Minneapolis? DetRIOT?

Eddie Willers @ 7/13/2000 11:48:55 AM #
How about at some REAL airports like LGA, JFK, MIA, O'HARE, LAX, DFW. Are we even sure Minnesooota has an in- ternet to access?

irda kiosks

carlos @ 7/15/2000 10:54:45 AM #
I really think this will work perfectly for alot of people. Especially for those business travelers. I work at a large computer store, and I know how much people want to ditch their laptops. -Hooray for the mighty Palm OS


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