2 PUG Announcements

New York's CDPUG In The News
CDPUG, and specifically its launch meeting, was recently the subject of a feature article in the Albany Times Union, the full text of which can be found on our web page. The article appeared on page one of the Saturday, July 21, 2000 Business Section, and included a photo taken at our Launch meeting on July 21, 2000. -Scott Almas

SeaPUG's First Meeting Report
SeaPUG had it's debut meeting this past Tuesday (July 18th) and it was a smashing success!

Coola Inc. CEO, Sudha Jamthe, gave a very informative presentation on their service, and how it can and is being used even as they are just starting up. We had a couple of cool giveaways, and a whole lot of fun! Read Greg Gaub's report on the SeaPUG website... NOW!! :) -Greg Gaub
(NOTE: I did not get a URL for SeaPUG's site, so if anyone knows it, leave a post below -Ryan)

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