Sprint Wireless Access at 56K

Sprint this summer will offer business users 56K wireless access using compression technology. Users are expected to dial up a server with a cell phone using the Sprint network and connect it to a PDA for sending e-mail and basic browsing. Competitors are currently peaking at a 19.2K.

This speed is only available for business users for two reasons: Sprint doesn't have enough high-speed capacity to give everyone access and this is an attempt to gain entry into the lucrative business market, an area where its presence is considerably smaller than among consumers.

Officials from Sprint have confirmed this but would not provide further details about the company's plans.

Thanks to ZDNN.

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my 2

jcorner @ 8/1/2000 4:13:08 PM #
i have been beta testing the new 56K access and for the PDA world, it's a dream. Just thought thought I would let you know!


RE: my 2
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/2/2000 1:36:19 PM #
how do i get access to this? our (large) company has a national account w/ sprint... i assume they decrement your monthly minutes as payment and have a monthly fee?


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