Quickies: m100 Keyboard and PocketPhoto

Stowaway Keyboard for m100
Think Outside will release a new version of its folding Stowaway keyboard for the m100. This new version is also compatible with the Palm III and VII handhelds and will be available for $99 in September.

Multimedia 2000 has released PocketPhoto, a photo album creator for the Palm. With it, you can create slideshows, beam, create multiple albums, and upload photos to your PC on all handhelds running Palm OS v2.0 or higher. It even allows you to load photos directly from Kodak PhotoNet.

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compatible with p3/p7?

Ruud van Eck @ 8/18/2000 3:17:31 PM #
is the new m100 keyboard really compatible with the p3/p7? would my current palm3 keyboard be compatible with the m100. i guess not, because if it would they wouldn't need to bring out a new one.

cheers, Ruup



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