Own a Palm? Live in New England? READ ON!

The New England Palm User Group, based in Boston, is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that exists to foster and promote the growth of the Palm OS platform. We hold monthly meetings, operate a web site and message board and offer additional programs for Palm users. We have several exciting meetings coming up - please visit our web site for details. Membership is FREE! Join today.

Our next meeting will be held on Sept 19, 2000 at MIT in Cambridge, MA. It will feature an product update from Palm, Inc!

And one lucky person will leave the meeting with a brand new Palm IIIc as a door prize! Because of meeting space limitations, RSVP is REQUIRED for this meeting, please see our web site for info. Space is going fast - Please RSVP TODAY!

If you live outside of Boston and have thought about starting your own Palm User Group, we want to help. We would like to see the formation of PUG's in Providence, RI, Springfield and Worcester, MA, Portland, ME, Manchester, NH and Harftford. CT. Contact us today for more information.

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