Palm Powered Sony Handhelds Now Named CLIE

Sony's soon to be released handhelds with the Palm OS have aquired a group name: CLIE, which stands for Communication Linkage for Information & Entertainment. Their advertising material, which is all still in Japanese, has the CLIE acronym all over it. Even if you can't read Japanese, some of their little digrams of people using their CLIE handhelds are so cute, you should check them out anyway.

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Paul @ 8/18/2000 2:36:19 PM #
Well if that isn't the leach catchy name for a handheld device I don't know what is.


Ed @ 8/19/2000 1:38:49 PM #
I've been hoping it sounds better in Japanese. It almost has to.


dho @ 8/20/2000 10:24:39 AM #
Pre-order on their web-site starts
from August 21. Pre-orders will be presented with original carrying case.


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