Read PDFs with New Version of AportisDoc

Aportis Technologies has released AportisDoc PDF Converter, a new app for viewing Adobe Systems' Portable Document Format (PDF) files on your Palm. "It takes a PDF file at the desktop level and converts it for viewing in AportisDoc on the handheld," said Aportis President David Schargel. It is free free for personal use for the first six months but after than you have to pay $14.95.

Palm and Adobe announced last February that they would work together to bring PDF support to the Palm platform. This is the first time that Adobe has licensed its PDF file format for handheld viewing.

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jolt, upgrades, and logic

biqhead @ 8/28/2000 10:14:51 PM #
caffiene induced fits (all due of my jolt cola) would be bad for any solder work like this. any supporters?

but seriously, why not buy a IIIxe? 8 mb plus a better processor, and you save even more $$$, plus eliminate the f*ckup factor. plus you have a tried & true form factor

the only upgrade i am interested in is a 16 or 32 mb upgrade for my Vx (and i want real ram, not flash)

Not so earth shattering

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2000 6:22:23 AM #
InstallBuddy already does this. Also, this conversion does not include images, it extracts text only. Don't see any advantage to this compared to something like iSilo with InstallBuddy combination.

The AportisDoc is a good product, however. Certainly, if they could combine the images with the text conversion for PDF files, they would have a product that no one else has developed. As it stands, the price is still right for someone that has invested in no other alternative.

Why pay?

Vic @ 8/29/2000 4:27:29 PM #
Let's see...
Adobe gives the Acrobat Reader away for free-
Writing Palm programs is so easy it's spawned a cottage industry-
Acrobat Reader is free because it provides a conduit for companies that buy and publish online using Acrobat.

Sounds like it's to Adobe's advantage to make the Palm version as free as the Windows version is.

Don't need another Readerd

Bruce in Ohio @ 8/30/2000 8:27:15 AM #
I don't need another Reader,but I would buy this software if could read its conversions with any of my present Readers.

InstallBuddy has done a very poor job of advertising its .PDF conversion function.



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