Retail Sales of PDAs Will More Than Double This Year

According to NPD INTELECT Market Tracking, sales of personal digital assistants (PDAs) through retail, mail order and corporate reseller channels finished 1999 with total unit sales of 1.3 million in the U.S. The same number of units were sold during the first half of 2000 alone suggesting that PDA sales will more than likely double by the end of year.

Palm series continues to be the leader in market share, with 65% market share in June 2000. It is followed by Handspring (non-existent in June 1999) at 21%, which has taken a bite out of the business of Palm and Casio, and knocked Everex and Phillips out of the top five.

The average price of a PDA slipped from $350 in June 1999 to $324 this June.

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