Sony to Create Web Content for Handhelds

Sony is launching a new site called CLIE Plaza just for its soon to be released CLIE handhelds and other PalmOS-based ones that install Sony's multimedia extensions. According to the Register, CLIE Plaza will feature news, e-zines, comic books, videos and still images. Some of this content will be free, some you will have to pay for.

In a related story, Sony is planning on releasing a new product called the Info Stick that will fit in the Memory Stick slot on their CLIE devices and wirelessly transfer data using Bluetooth. Look for it to hit the market next year.

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KISS ???

Ezra @ 8/18/2000 1:49:57 PM #
If anyone has really been keeping up with Sony's plans and future outlook with their new Palm Based PDA, it kind of destroys the thought of KISS (Keep[ing] It Simple St****). Multimedia (where it at least seems to me) that so many palm users don't want to go is where Sony is taking this thing too. I think it'll be interesting to see what Palm and other vendors will do, if they even try to compete at all.
RE: KISS ???
EddieH @ 8/18/2000 2:18:24 PM #
I agree. If I wanted that functionality, I would go out and buy a Pocket PC. The reason I got a Palm based PDA is for it's simplicity and functionality (and price).
RE: KISS ???
rilindo @ 8/18/2000 6:45:40 PM #
Then don't buy it. There is room for a multimedia Palm. I personally welcomed it - Palm needs something to compete with the PocketPC on those things anyway.
RE: KISS ???
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/19/2000 12:31:10 AM #
This is the answer I've been looking for. Actually I think Sony is right on. Palm's simplicity program has worked because It was a completely new maeket for a new kind of product where there were no companies providing software, hardware and services for their product when they started. Now they have 80+ % of the market share and the strategy should change. Handspring, for example is starting to beat them out because they offer more in their product and all the Palm OS product have the advantage of all the products available for them. At this point, Palm needs to get competitive with their licencees.


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/19/2000 11:31:51 AM #
I think the idea that palm users want to "keep it simple" is just something they tell themselves so they can be anti-microsoft. I am not saying MS products are better, just that if PalmOS had all the bells & whistles built in and MS's stuff was stripped, these same people would be saying how much more than just an organizer the Palm is.


NormanR @ 8/22/2000 1:38:23 AM #
Just because you can buy a Cadillac or a Rolls Royce does not mean you can't buy a Ford. What Sony is doing can only be good for the market. It increases choice & pushes back the boundary


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