New 56 K Modem for the Visor

Xircom announced today the availability of the SpringPort Modem 56 GlobalACCESS Springboard module for the Handspring Visor. The SpringPort modem is the only international, high-speed 56K V.90 modem available for the Visor, which also supports GSM and PDC cellular connectivity with Xircom's optional connection kit to provide on-the-go access while traveling. Bundled with MultiMail, the SpringPort modem expands the Visor's functionality to include e-mail access. It will be on sale for $149.00 and began shipping the week of August 13, 2000.

Other SpringPort products slated for introduction will provide wireless access through technologies such as Bluetooth and 802.11b Wireless Ethernet.

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They're so big!

PFloyd @ 8/21/2000 2:00:31 PM #
I've been using Xircom for ages and I love their driver support, tech support and innovation! That's what makes me so surprised that these modems are so huge. The Thincom looks great (and compact) by comparison. I understand the Thincom will be flash upgradable to v.90 at some point.


Ed @ 8/21/2000 4:17:52 PM #
I was happy to read they are working on a 802.11b wireless Ethernet Springboard module. I have been hoping for one of these for a while. If the jargon went past you, 802.11b is better know to us Mac users as AirPort.

Palm InfoCenter


drMABUSE @ 8/22/2000 4:19:05 PM #
im wish i could switch my IIIe into a visor...

The reason I went with a Visor...

filmtex @ 8/23/2000 12:30:11 PM #
This is the main reason that Ichose a Vixor. I liked the Palms, but this Springboard seemed like a great way to add flexibility. I sure hope that the support for Airport materializes soon, that wiuld be great. Has anybody else heard anything about this?

Psion Ir modem

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/24/2000 1:11:30 PM #
Just get the Psion Travel modem. It's 56k and should work with Handspring. Just got mine and it works with Palm's, psion and Wince too.

$50 off at compUSA

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/23/2000 5:49:52 AM #
CompUSA has a mail in rebate for $50 untill 9/23



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