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Welcome to the completely redone and overhauled Palm Infocenter. The entire code base was rewritten for speed, efficiency and lighter pages. There are a bunch of new features and improvements were made to the original features. First off you will now need to register to post comments with a username. Registration is quick, easy and free. You will not need to login each visit, as your session is stored in cookies. Once registered you can post comments in our new forums, with news stories and polls, add your signature, customize the site's colors and more. Also the first 2,000 people to register will be added to a future contest drawing to be announced soon.

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still no latest software listing like palm statation

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/21/2000 9:21:09 PM #
would be nice to have latest software listing like palm statation

RE: we're still working...
admin @ 8/22/2000 8:11:05 AM #
Well we do list notable new apps from time to time in the news, but I am working on a new format for news and other articles for the near future. The site is always in a state of development and ideas are always appreciated.

PalmInfocenter webmaster
RE: still no latest software listing like palm statation
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/23/2000 12:19:02 PM #
Hey Ryan,

I'd appreciate a little hierarchical distiction
(bolder text,a minimal icon,etc.)
for the Titles of the Main Menu *Sections*(Home,Register/Login,Reviews/Articles,etc.)just over there in the upper left corner of the opening page ...

As they are now, they look very much like the *body* text of the articles to the Main Menu's right.


FINE nice design and fast d/l

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/24/2000 6:37:49 PM #
... but if we could have the PGHQ new and updated s/w releases it would be perfect.

Keep on good work -zz

AvantGO Users

Apocalypse @ 9/5/2000 1:41:23 PM #
How will this effect us Avantgo viewers?


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