SpeechWorks to Add Voice Access to AnyDay

AnyDay.com, the on-line personal scheduling and contact-list service bought by Palm Inc. in May, has inked a contract with SpeechWorks International to add voice recognition to its service so users can call AnyDay on the phone and verbally add entries to their on-line datebook. This should be in place by the first quarter of 2001.

Last week, Palm announced they will be starting a Web portal based on technology acquired when they purchased AnyDay so it isn't inconceivable that some of this technology might eventually be used there.

Unless Palm drastically and quickly increases the power of the CPUs that run its handhelds, voice recognition is a long way away. What would you think of calling a phone number and dictating to a server then syncing your Palm and having your dictated text show up? Naturally, this is just speculation but your comments are welcome below.

Here are some interesting possible scenarios from the press release:

In subsequent implementations of this new service, it is expected that users will be able to actively manage their schedules and make or change appointments over the phone. For example, a busy professional will be able to update a trip itinerary while on the road via their wireless Palm handheld. His or her spouse will be able to pick up a phone, find out when the traveler will return and add "pick up dinner" to the task list of the traveler. In another example, users will be able to call an automated event planner on the way to dinner Friday night and find out about local activities available afterward -- which movies are showing, when and where; or if tickets remain for the symphony, a play or a baseball game, then send a wireless invitation to their friends' Palm handhelds to join in on the evening.

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