Palm Welcomes 100,000th Developer, Expands Developer Services

Palm Inc. has reached 100,000 members in it registered developer program. Palm's registered development community grew by 625% in the past year, with over 42% of total developers hailing from non-U.S. markets. Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, senior director of alliance and partner services, said, "Besides our growth in Web content and development tools, we're seeing significant expansion in corporate, in-house development and other enterprise initiatives."

To celebrate, Palm Inc. announced a new support program, the Palm OS Developer Services Network, that will offer easier access to technical information, start-up business services, professional networking and job listings.

Palm is using four outside organizations to provide the new services: HotDispatch, PDAPro, Inc., and the Software Development Forum. HotDispatch will provide the Palm OS Developer Exchange, a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows Palm OS developers to buy and sell development expertise. Users of the exchange can post questions and indicate the amount of money they will offer for answers. Other users post their answers and receive payment for them. Through the site, developers will easily be able to access extensive technical knowledge base for Palm OS software applications. Developers will also be able to access an array of business building services, including access to seed-stage financing opportunities, marketing and promotional programs, chat rooms and bulletin boards, job and project postings, and corporate development opportunities. The Software Development Forum gives developers access to information, education and feedback on their products and business strategies. The SDForum facilitates meetings with venture capitalists, angel investors, legal counsel and business-development coaches, as well as networking with other IT professionals and entrepreneurs.

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