Color Sony Clié a sellout!

Cnet is reporting that the color version of the Sony Clié, which debuted in stores in Japan over the weekend, completely sold out on its very first day. Sony already had to halt online sales of the color Clié in Japan after less than two weeks because demand was outstripping supply. The monochrome version of the Clié is still available. When available, the color Clié is selling for about $400 while the monochrome version is going for about $355.

Sony has decided to offer only the monochrome version outside of Japan. It can be ordered from Sony's VaioDirect site for $400.

Thanks to kifo for bringing this to our attention.

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Sony Clie

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/2000 1:23:04 PM #
I have a strong gut feeling that Sony will begin to stockpile the color units and begin to sell them in the States sooner than we think. They sprung the monochrome version on us and why not strike while the iron is hot. I recently purchased a Compaq iPaq and I will be returning it tonight. There is something to be said about a reliable O/S and Palm has that down pat. However, the units they have been putting out are a bit boring. Although many disagree, Sony's Clie in color with the Memory Stick could be a little bit more exciting.

Sony Handheld

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/2000 2:06:08 PM #
I waited a long time for this device, and now that we all know the details, Sony can keep it. All my major purchases are from Sony but this was a disappointment.

I think the individuals able to pay such a high price for a PDA, deserve more. Palm is just sailing on their name and market share right now. It won't last until they light a flame under their employee's behinds to get them working. Rumours of a color PalmV will not save them, just imagine the price on that thing?!

They need to creative and maybe the m100 is just a peek into Palm's future of design. It's not too pretty but for $149 it's ok. My wife loves it b/c it's simple and the cost is just right. When we're paying hundreds of dollars and creeping into PocketPC territory, what's stopping me from buying one?

I'm a Palm diehard, and won't fork out hundreds for a new Palm device just b/c it has one better feature than my Palm Pro 2mb upgrade. I hope they change their pricing or bring something out new before I upgrade. Right now WinCE or Psion devices are looking good.

RE: Sony Handheld
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/2000 2:49:26 PM #
I can't agree with you more. I was the original post on this topic and I am just wondering what is going on with Palm. They went public, made a few bucks and stopped being innovative. I have had three Palms (Pro-III-Vx), converted literally dozens of friends and family to Palm and am now feeling almost like an idiot. It pained me to go out and buy an iPaq Pocket PC, but look at what it had to offer. Yes I had a lot of problems with it and I am returning it, but if it worked well I was finished with Palm. I am only staying with my PVx now b/c it works and I am just waiting for something new to come out; more than a junior Palm with 2mb and AAA batteries. If the color Sony comes out, I will look at it, but I have issues with that as well. Overall I'm pretty bummed about the slim pickin's out there. :-(

RE: Sony Handheld
Ed @ 9/13/2000 9:46:43 AM #
If you made a list of features you would like to add to the Palm, I'll bet I can find someone who thinks those new features would ruin the platform. Palm has a very careful balancing act to perform. There are some people who think all kinds of new functionality should be added and some people who think it should be left plain and simple.

Nevertheless, I'm curious about what you think should be added. It is easy to say that Palm has stopped "innovating" but coming up with real improvements is hard. What is the Palm missing?

Palm InfoCenter

Sony Handheld Con't.

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/2000 2:27:53 PM #
Oh ya where's OS 3.5 that was promised back in the spring? Did they forget and just put it in the new devices only?

Sorry guys about the ranting, but I think we all have been waiting too long for new reasons to be proud Palm users.

What are we thinking?

CKMOOSE @ 9/13/2000 3:23:26 AM #
The Palm platform has always done what it does very well. That's why most of us (if not all) bought our various Palm models. Because they work.
Now we're getting all hung up in the bigger, faster, flashier loop.
Two people in this forum bought iPaq Pocket PC's because they were cooler looking. Both mentioned that they're taking them back because they don't work that well. HELLO! That's why Palm continues to dominate the field. They make incremental upgrades that are useful. We the Palm users can add just about any function imaginable to a Palm and leave off the ones we don't want.
The price point on a Palm device is very reasonable. If you want cheap, they've got cheap. If you want color, they've got that too. Expand ability, there are a few very good options and they all work on the same OS. They all will talk to each other. They all work very well with our desk top computers.
Why are we so disappointed with a machine that many of us have owned more than one of? How many people can you name that have gone back repeatedly to a Palm PC/WinCe machine?
Palm, Visor, TRG, may have a "boring" product line. But when it comes to my vital information, I'll take a boring machine that works.

geting sony color unit + us os 3.5

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/13/2000 8:54:15 AM #

I was just thinking about new Sony unit and i have realized that after changing the
Rom to os 3.5 in us version. I was just wondering if this should work

What do u think ?


REAL usability of the Memory Stick?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/13/2000 9:28:51 AM #
I read somewhere that the Memory Stick is only used for STORAGE, and that in order to use anything on the memory stick that you need to copy it to the internal 8MB of RAM on the CLIE. Anyone know if this is indeed true? If so, whats the point of the memory stick? Thanks.

RE: REAL usability of the Memory Stick?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/13/2000 5:02:19 PM #
This is true. The TRGPro and Handspring Visor 8MB module work like that too.

RE: REAL usability of the Memory Stick?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/13/2000 10:22:14 PM #
AFAIK, the TRG unit allows you to run programs off of CF with their little utility - Technically, it's still moving the data, but it's transparent movement.

RE: REAL usability of the Memory Stick?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/19/2000 7:01:23 AM #
Where could I find this Utility ???

'*Only* because it works'???

Sabrina @ 9/14/2000 1:07:47 PM #
couldn't possibly agree with you more: the biggest draw of Palm devices is that they do what they're supposed to do, elegantly, efficiently and reliably. And there're options for everyone, plus a whole range of software options... my IIIc is possibly the best gadget i've ever purchased.

Seems to me that if you pick a product/device primarily for its cool factor, you deserve what you get when it fails. Personally, i'd say that 'just because it works' is hardly the worst reason in the world to buy or use a product. i'd rather buy something that works as it claims it will than a pretty device that doesn't . Now if CE devices were pretty and functional, that'd be another story, wouldn't it?

RE: '*Only* because it works'???
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/14/2000 8:50:13 PM #
CKMoose & Sabrina:

Guys, I was the one who initiated this discussion. You could not find a more devoted Palm user and total Palm freak. However, my point in buying the iPAQ was not simply b/c the unit is COOL. How about the color, BUILT in Excel, Word, IE, voice recorder, cleaner sync with Outlook, expandability with the sleeves, etc, etc, etc. You can't tell me that having to go out and individually buy to add on these options (which in some cases you can't) is the same as getting it all in one. The concept of the iPAQ and the other P/PC's is a great idea and why can't Palm users look to a more robust machine with interest? If Handspring, TRG and Sony have come up with some form of expandability, why is Palm so busy with Claudia Schiffer and champagne versions? I am back to my PVx b/c yes it works, but I would like a slim color unit with an expansion slot and maybe a voice recorder and a few other features. If all you guys want is a simple "organizer", then the m100 is perfect. And that too is fine, but all I'm saying is that obviously the technology is out there and being utilized. Why can't Palm- the intiators of all this- expand the product line to include some of what the others are doing? I don't think that is asking so much. Food for thought...

RE: '*Only* because it works'???
Ed @ 9/15/2000 9:24:40 AM #
Mr. Anonymous,

I think your suggestions violate the rule that has made the Palm a success: KISS. With the exception of color, I don't want any of the things you have asked for on my Palm and I'd be irritated if I had to pay for them (which I will because their cost will be added to the cost of the handheld) and stumble over them in my daily use of my Palm. They would just be more items to move to the "Useless" folder on my Palm, along with all the other current built-in apps.

If it were up to me, the Palm would come with no built-in apps at all. Or at least the option of installing them only if you want them. I prefer to get third-party apps that are much better than the minimal functionality of the built-in ones.

Maybe my hardware expandability needs are less than most people's but I'm happy with the modem and two different keyboards I have now. I'm even thinking about the Kodak digital camera. I can't think of any other hardware add-ons that I want.

p.s. I would like a color Palm, which is why my next Palm will probably be a IIIc or color Clie.

Palm InfoCenter

RE: '*Only* because it works'???
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/15/2000 11:06:45 AM #
Once again, I think most readers are misinterpreting my comments. Yes, I would like a slim color "V" with a bunch of new functions (similiar, but not exactly) like a Pocket PC; but of coarse with Palm's OS which is so much better. However, I also realize that does not mean everyone wants the same things. Palm does seem to have a unit for everyone- that is also one of the best things about them. All I'm saying is that on the higher end of things, they are not plowing forward like the rest of the co's. I do not want video playing capabilities, nor mp3 playing or even pc card type expansion. However, why should Palm limit the scope of functionality of their high end unit when they already have scaled down and basic versions such as the m100 and III? The PVx is really just a fancy looking BASIC Palm with more memory and a slim form factor. Shouldn't their flagship product differentiate itself in more than just appearance (and memory)? That is like selling a top of the line PC in a nicer "box" with a little more memory but otherwise basically no other improvements- yet a higher price point. Agree or disagree???
Sorry for all the mispells... :-)

RE: '*Only* because it works'???
Ed @ 9/15/2000 12:27:32 PM #
I think we're not following you because you have been talking a lot about software when what you are really concerned with is hardware. Or I might be missing your point again.

The problem Palm Inc. is having is they have pretty much maxed out the Moto Dragonball chip. Most of the new stuff people want requires more than 20 MHz. I believe, though I have no proof, that Palm is porting their OS over to some chip based on those from ARM. I hope you read our recent articles on Intel's new XScale chips.

This is taking the company a while. They have probably been working on this for most of this year and won't release it until next year. In the mean time, Palm has to do what they can to maintain some interest in the platform without making any major changes because the most major change possible is on its way. That's why they release small cosmetic changes and other gimmicks.

If we're all just a bit patient and don't do crazy things, like buy an iPaq and tell all your friends the Palm stinks, everything will be fine again soon.

Palm InfoCenter

RE: '*Only* because it works'???
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/15/2000 12:58:04 PM #
Your points are well taken. I am not so much a technophile as I am more just a major PDA user. I am really seeking a combination of hardware and software upgrades to the Palm overall and understand the need for patience as they move over to the new chips. However, for good PR sake (I am a Sales/Mktg Dir) it would behoove Palm to keep the masses up to date and at least advise as to what is on the horizon. They have done that- to a limited extent. On a side note, I never told my circle of associates that Palm stinks. I simply echoed an overall sentiment by many that they seem to be lagging a bit. If major upgrades to the OS are around the corner that will enable such upgrades, I will be one of the first to tout the next generation Palms. :-) Thanks for setting me straight...

What do we want?

Sigterm @ 9/15/2000 6:42:37 AM #
What do we want?
A workable and usefull handheld that is a hell of a replacement for a paper agenda and yes it also does email, or a colorized ustable bloated mp3 avi playing and other desktopish things running machine? i have the first, a Vx
RE: What do we want?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/15/2000 5:13:16 PM #
The day the color Clie hits the U.S. is the last day a IIIc will be sold.
And HS and TRG are on notice, too.
Get out those color models w/expansion capabilities, or Sony will eat you for lunch.

I bought one

dho @ 9/17/2000 9:47:27 AM #
The color panel appears so dark indoors unless you have enough light, no kidding it's hardly visible. I strongly recommend the black and white version.
With regards to memory stick it's basically storage and you need to transfer data or application from the memstick using built-in utility.
However Sony uploaded on its web site an enhanced utiliy which enables to run applications directly from the memory stick.
RE: I bought one
Ed @ 9/17/2000 9:58:10 AM #
How does the utility that runs apps directly from the MemoryStick work? If you had 1 MB of free Palm memory and tried to run a 2 MB Palm app from the MS, would it work? Is there any slowdown in running apps from the MS?

Palm InfoCenter
RE: I bought one
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/2000 9:05:01 PM #
Can you tell me where to get the enhanced software to run my apps from the memory stick? Can the 300 be updated to the Palm 3.5.2 OS? If you can direct me to a picture or info on the color 500c that would be great. Thanks

RE: I bought one
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/22/2000 3:48:07 PM #

Only because it works

Jon Dee @ 9/18/2000 3:10:04 AM #
I love my Palm 3c too, but Palm need to add MP3, the ability to read and change Word & Excel documents in your e-mail and have a faster chip too.

It would be good to be able to make phone calls via the unit with a hands free headset. Video would be good too.

The existing Palms are great devices, but now that people have woken up to the benefit of handhelds they want more. And the above is more than feasible.

If Palm don't come up with the above I'm switching to Pocket PC (even though I dislike Microsoft with a passion :O)

I agree that Palm appear to be sitting on their past achievements a bit too much at the moment... and their customer service has gone downhill too - they refused to do anything about PalmGear overcharging my credit card by $169 - even though I bought stuff from PalmGear via their pages at Palm's site. Anyone else had that problem?!

Palm's current attitudes reminds me of Apple's arrogance as their market share collapsed (this from the days before the Jobs revival).

Let's hope they can do an Apple and give their customers what they want.



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