New Tiny Modem Chip Set from Lucent

Lucent Technologies has introduced an exceptionally small, low-power chip set that they say will soon be used in PDAs, though no deals have been announced yet. The chip set is made up of two components, each smaller than a thumbtack, that can provide both fax and data services at up to 56 Kbs.

Each chip consumes only 150 milliwatts of power at 3.3 volts -- nearly half that of chips typically used in embedded modem applications. The chip set can also operate using batteries at a voltage level as low as 2.7 volts.

"This is the smallest, lowest power-consuming modem chip set from a major manufacturer, amounting to a cost and performance breakthrough for Lucent," said Will Strauss, an analyst with Arizona-based Forward Concepts, a DSP market research firm.

In quantities of 10,000, the chip set versions range in price from $8 to $13.

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I'm not a Visor guy but...

bighead @ 9/21/2000 3:31:46 PM #
From the pictures I have seen, the Springboard modem sticks out a little bit from the back of the unit. Maybe this will help make a flush unit to keep the size to a minimum.

That, and maybe even a smaller modem for my Vx.



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