First CDMA Wireless Module for Visor

AirPrime has announced the SB1000 Wireless Springboard module, the Visor's first CDMA solution. The SB1000 will not be on sale to the public but will be offered to companies who would like to sell it under their own brand name. The SB1000 is dual-band (800MHz/1900MHz) capable, providing wireless coverage over existing CDMA IS-95A cellular and PCS networks in North America. The SB1000 uses the same user interface as Handspring's VisorPhone. It will be available to OEM partners for evaluation and application development during Q4 2000.

CDMA Overview
CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is a wireless technology for voice and data transmission. CDMA also refers to a series of standards that governs the future of wireless evolution. The currently deployed CDMA technology, branded cdmaOne, is the fastest growing standard with more than 18 million subscribers in the U.S. and more than 57 million around the world.

CDMA uses mathematical codes to transmit and distinguish between multiple wireless connections. Voice and data are carried on noise-like waves to spread the information contained in a signal over a much broader bandwidth than the original signal. Since the connections are distinguished by digital codes, multiple users can share the same channel simultaneously. This greatly increases system capacity and allows cellular and PCS service providers to transmit more information over the same frequency spectrum.

In the US, Verizon (Bell Atlantic, GTE, AirTouch, Primeco PCS) and Sprint PCS provide the largest CDMA footprint that covers most of the U.S. Regional CDMA carriers include Qwest Wireless and Alltel.

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