Palm's Market Share Goes Up, Handspring's Goes Down

During August, Palm had 70.3% of the PDA market, an almost 10% increase over the previous month. During that same time, Handspring lost over 11% of its market share, dropping from 26.1% to 15.5%. This is the first month since the introduction of the Visor that Handspring has lost market share. Palm's big increase was caused by a surge of sales of the new m100.

Sales of the iPAQ brought COMPAQ all the way up to 6.6% of the market from 3.6% in July. Total sales of PocketPCs accounted for only 9.7% of the PDA market, up from 8.3%.

These figures were released by the reasearch firm NPD INTELECT.

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Wait, just wait!

Eddie Willers @ 9/29/2000 2:16:07 PM #
This drop may be do to the leaked info on a mid- October release of two new Visor products, one being the 16-bit color Prism. I person- ally have been disappionted with the lack of new products for my IIIc, and I am considering a Prism already, because of the wireless capabilities both with the Visorphone & the wireless modems that are available, and are not even yet rumored to be on the way for my IIIc. So if anyone would like a IIIc, I will include in the package, the PalmPix Camera, Palm Navagator, Silkyboard keyboard overlays, & a two year Extended Service Plan with Staples, all for $400. If you would prefer, since it is still under the Palm warranty, I can also exchange it for a new one. Serious inquiries only;


I.M. Anonymous @ 9/29/2000 3:48:16 PM #
Good news as I'm a Palm stockholder.....



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