Import Data to Your Palm with Syncplicity

Syncplicity allows you to easily move data from your PC to your Palm. Just highlight a piece of text and drag it to the Syncplicity window then choose which of the built-in apps to store the info in. Syncplicity will automatically capture phone numbers and e-mail addresses and put them in the right fields. The data will be transfered to your Palm the next time you sync. You can download a time-limited demo and registration costs $10.

If you try Syncplicity, let us know what you think.

You need a PC running Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 or 2000, and you need to be running version 3.x of the Palm desktop software. Syncplicity doesn't work with Windows 3.x, with earlier versions of the Palm desktop, or with other desktop PIMs (such as MS Outlook).

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Syncplicity TOO syncple

robins19 @ 10/2/2000 3:24:30 PM #
Well, I downloaded it before reading the FAQ's. Fortunately I read them before I installed it. The way I use my PalmPilot, I need to be able to connect to MS Outlook and MeetingMaker at work, and with Lotus Organizer at home. Syncplicity, once installed, will no longer allow you to sync with anything other than the plain Palm Desktop software.

No thanks. This is one case in which you don't get what you pay for.

RE: Syncplicity TOO syncple
Nate @ 10/2/2000 6:09:38 PM #
Robins; Thank you For speaking your Mind. You are absolutley right -- this software only works with Palm Desktop, so if you use another PIM like Outlook for you Syncing needs, this won't do a thing for you. It won't screw anything up, it just doesn't work with those PIMS.

We are working on getting other versions together, but please give us a little time - we're just two guys, an old IBM XT/AT with a Hayes 1200 baud modem, a four-door 1968 Chevy Malibu, a case of Molson and a dream. And we've only just begun.

RE: Syncplicity TOO syncple
robins19 @ 10/3/2000 8:17:30 PM #
Well, if you guys have a case of Molson, I have no doubt that a dynamite app can't be too far behind. Of course, it ain't Moosehead, but what the heck!

Good luck in your endeavors, guys!


Very nice

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/3/2000 10:39:02 AM #
I've just tried it and first impression is that it fills the bill for me. I probably cut and paste from Web pages and email into my Palm Desktop four or five times a day -- this considerably simplifies the process, especially for Address Book data. I'll be testing further but I'm very likely to pay the $10 for unrestricted use.


mac left out

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/4/2000 6:59:37 AM #
looks more like winplicity to me. my mac doesn't like and neither do I

RE: mac left out
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/11/2000 3:07:40 AM #
Wah. You knew when you bought a Mac that you would have limited software and hardware, and would be a lower priority on developer's wish lists. Live with your addiction.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/15/2000 5:34:28 PM #
It rocKS


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