Handspring Launched in Singapore

Handspring Inc. today announced the launch of the Visor and Visor Deluxe in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although the Visors have been available in the United States since the end of 1999, users in Asia who wished to purchase a Visor had no easy way to obtain one, other than to procure one from the dealers in the USA. The devices are distributed in Asia by the GrandTech Group and PacRim Technologies.

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Great news!

kc @ 10/4/2000 2:09:19 AM #
Hope the many springboard modules will arrive too!

'bout time

Kent @ 10/6/2000 10:39:45 PM #
I emailed Handspring end of '99 & finally I have choices. Been thinking of upgrading my Palm III to something with 8MB


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