New Low Power, High Contrast Displays

A group of companies led by Dow Chemical announced this week the commercial availability of new polymeric light-emitting diode (pLED) displays. These are ideal for use in handhelds because of their sharp, high-contrast images, as well as their thinness and low power requirements.

pLED displays offer a number of advantages over LCDs. They are brighter and they can be easily viewed from multiple angles without backlighting. They use less power, and their high-speed response - more than 1,000 times faster than LCDs - delivers smoother moving images onscreen.

The displays use Dow's green polyfluorene copolymer, a two-layer film that is thinner than a human hair and that emits light when exposed to electricity. Delta, which is manufacturing the display, said the material produces light comparable to the brightness of a television screen but requires only a small power source.

Only monochrome displays are available now. Color pLED displays are still under development.

The companies involved are Delta Optoelectronics Inc.; Hsin-chu, Taiwan, R.O.C.; and The Dow Chemical Company. They did not disclose pricing.

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Interesting news2me

StratMan II @ 10/16/2000 9:14:34 PM #
If the color pLED screen becomes a reality for us, then we can all look forward to a color version of the Palm Vx! The reason why I chose the Palm IIIc instead of the Vx was color and not form factor.
Sure, the IIIc has been showered with both praises and nasty remarks-the limiting factor was simply the TFT screen which consumed more battery juice and couldn't handle bright surroundings (note: so are laptops!). I guess if the color pLED had been available earlier for the IIIc, Palm's first colop PDA would have been more successful than it is now.


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