Games and Calculators Now on Springboard

Pocket Express has released its first Springboard: the Pocket Express Entertainment Pack. This collection features Tetris Classic, the only official one for the Palm. It also includes Lode Runner: The Legend Returns, PocketChess, Blackjack, PokerDice, and three solitaire games. It will be available within the week for $40 from PalmGear.

Infinity Softworks Inc. has shipped their powerOne Graph and powerOne Finance Springboards. powerOne Graph offers 230 math, science, and graphing functions. Its graph wizard makes it easy to enter, edit and display equations. powerOne Finance has over 400 functions and all of the financial capabilities of the leading hardware calculators. They are available now for $50 from PalmGear.

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Games for Springboard??

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/17/2000 9:16:26 AM #
There they go.. All of these games which could be downloaded for free, or at least a varitation of the same game with the same now being offered for $40.00 to fill up that slot on the back of these Visor, which so many of aren't being used... If Visor is going to release a game pack or should be something a bit more meaningful... Maybe they could hook up with the company which sells Liberty and make a spring board adapter which could fit Gameboy games...or something of the sort...Now that would be woth $40 bucks...Heck I would even pay a bit more...

RE: Games for Springboard??
@ 10/17/2000 3:12:23 PM #
I like that idea! Maybe if everyone e-mailed Gambit Studios and asked them, they would do it. Worth a shot?

RE: Games for Springboard??
ardiri @ 10/17/2000 3:50:09 PM #
Dont flood us with emails :)) we beg :P *joking*

This concept has been on our minds since the very beginning - and, to slow a few loose nails into the sack - lets just say it might happen. we are close to finalizing the emulation engine, focusing our next efforts on "SOUND"! (yes, you heard me) and providing other cool features like game management and game shark/genie cheats etc.

i believe, by the time a hardware manufacturer gets their butts into gear, we will have a close to "final" version of Liberty and the timing would be great for inclusion on a visor spring board module.

if you are a hardware developer (springboard), why dont you contact us? we are considering the hardware movement - you never know :))

// az


I.M. Anonymous @ 10/18/2000 12:32:03 AM #
That powerOne springboard doesn't have nearly enough power to justify the price. If it could do everything my TI-89 could do for $40 I'd definitely buy it however I really doubt it can do stuff such as differentiation, integration, and limits.



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