MyPalm Internet Portal Details Revealed

Palm, Inc.has announced that the public beta version of a new Internet portal for Palm users will be available for free December 25. It has been "optimized for the Palm VIIx handheld" but it will work with any Palm capable of making an Internet connection and OS 3.5. Important features of MyPalm in the beta or future versions include wireless synchronization with a calendar at home or work; web searching through Google; a link to personal e-mail accounts; access to more than 450 web clipping applications; modifying datebook, phone lists, and to-do lists on the web; automatic incorporation of events to the web-based datebook, such as movie listings and sporting events; scheduling group meetings with work and personal groups; and receiving personal reminders.

The MyPalm service requires an application that runs on the Palm that will organize content into categories: My Accounts, Events, Email, and Calendar.

Under My Accounts, Palm is working with Yodlee to give users access to all their personal account information.

In Events, users will have access to location-based services. Once the Palm device determines where the user is, it will present users with a list of local events and present them with purchase options.

Using the e-mail link users will be able to send and receive e-mail from their personal accounts. Corporate e-mail will be available by the middle of next year.

With the Calendar, users will be able to synchronize the calendar on the Palm device with a desktop personal information manager. Updates will occur automatically. Version 1.0 will allow for one-way synchronization, version 1.1 due out in January will enable group scheduling and version 1.2 due out in February will enable two way synchronization.

Just to make it clear, MyPalm is not a stand alone wireless service provider. It is more like a new interface for Palm VII users when accessing Palm.Net that can be also used by other Palm users with their own ISP. So if you aren't a Palm VII user, you would still need another ISP, wireless or not, to use MyPalm.

Palm hopes that the MyPalm portal represents an important step forward in the company's efforts to diversify its revenue base. Last quarter, Palm got 97% of its revenue from selling Palm devices. Over time, the company hopes that the MyPalm portal will bring in non-device money to go along with the cash Palm gets by licensing its OS.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 11/14/2000 10:58:08 AM #

have they posted a URL to this new site yet? I'd like to see how this stacks up to similar services from other WSPs (OmniSky, GoAmerica)

Ed @ 11/14/2000 11:23:22 AM #
So far, the only info available from Palm on this is the press release:
I hope that really long URL comes through correctly.

Just out of curiousity, I went to and it is a one page personal site showing a broken Palm V with a link to our Palm Graveyard. I then tried and got a 404 error and http://MyPalm.Palm.Net/ is a blank page.

Palm Infocenter

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/27/2000 1:48:50 PM #
Hello , I use the website
to snyc my palm to their web site and they had a press release there saying that plam had just purchased them and that changes were going to happen in December. I use all the time it is a nice handy service.



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