Connect Gauges to Your Visor

The new DataGet BCD cartridge allows users to connect their Visor to Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Fowler, Starrett, JS Research, LMI, Versid, Ohaus, and many other gauges. It is available now for $500. They also offer versions for other Palm handhelds. -Oliver King-Smith

Pacific Microinstruments, Inc. has made available the Extra*Digit DNP-24 in OEM quantities. The DNP-24 data acquisition system features a high-resolution 24-bit analog-to-digital converter and a DSP co-processor running at speeds up to 160 MIPS (million instructions per second). This Springboard's price varies with the quantity purchased.

The measurement system is optically isolated from the Springboard expansion slot and includes spectral analysis firmware, a Palm OS API (application programmer interface), and Windows database integration over HotSynch.

The DNP-24 has capabilities previously off-limits to Palm OS instruments, including near-real-time spectral analysis, multi-sensor processing, and precision measurements. "Even low-speed measurements often require additional processing horsepower for processing raw data into useful information," said Michael Klinglesmith, CTO, Pacific Microinstruments. "People who use handheld instruments require immediate display of information for decisions."

The Extra*Digit DNP-24 is only available to OEMs. The additional speed and precision enable Palm OS instrumentation in markets such as near-real-time biomedical monitoring, telecommunications testing, and industrial process control. "With the addition of the DNP-24 to the Extra*Digit product line, OEMs in most handheld test and measurement markets can offer expansion slot products with a design cycle and cost that is drastically reduced," said Eric Canuteson, CEO of Pacific Microinstruments. -Pacific Microinstruments

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