New Asia Pacific Web Clipping Content Providers and Apps

Palm, Inc. announced today the names of more than 50 content providers in Asia Pacific who will provide Web clipping applications for their web content that can be accessed using the Palm Mobile Internet Kit. The apps include movie, entertainment and food guides; travel and airline information; news and current affairs; banking and investment content; maps; directories; and e-commerce. They come free with the purchase of the Mobile Internet Kit in the Asia Pacific region and will soon be available at

The Kit is now available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Companies that have created Web clipping applications for their popular existing web content include the following:

  • AsiaFOODcity
  • AsiaStockWatch
  • Channel NewsAsia
  • HandyAsia
  • Hong Kong Palm Users' Group
  • Lycos Asia
  • OutlookAsia
  • Pacific Access
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Singapore Palm Users' Group
  • SingTel Mobile
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • yambay
  • ZingAsia

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