A Successful Experiment with Palms in the Classroom

There is an interesting article in Wired on how a school district in Illinois is integrating 2,200 Palm IIIxe's into its curriculum. Students use the handhelds to take notes, gather data during science experiments, and write papers.

The experiment is going so well they are expanding it next year. "This is going to be the dominant technology that students use at school," said Darrell Walery, director of technology for the district.

This year, students can buy a Palm for $225, lease one for $75, or only use the device while at school. However, the teachers weren't satisfied with the progress of the students who only used the IIIxe at school. "The kids didn't get used to them as fast," Laura Ritchey, a science teacher, said. "They didn't make as much progress as fast as those who own them." Next year, certain classes will require students to buy or lease a Palm. Financial aid will be available.

Palm is strongly encouraging the use of its handhelds in schools. Back in October, they announced the Palm Education Pioneers program that awards grants of Palm handhelds to K-12 teachers and their students, which will let the teachers incorporate Palms into their lessons and give them to every student in their class.

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great idea but....

welo @ 12/30/2000 8:02:13 PM #
I think all this stuff of getting palms to attend school is great,i mean ,u can have all ur notes and stuff in a handy way,perhaps you may beam tests or homeworks , but u just prefer the old way ,with my pencil and notebook hehe ,or i would aprove only if the graffity soft. becomes better and faster

Interesting Story

Nick Tarbox @ 12/30/2000 8:46:35 PM #
I found this interesting because I bought PDA's for my 2 son's so they can use them for school and Boy Scout projects.

Palm OS Branches Out

Jonathan C. R. Davis @ 12/31/2000 11:33:55 AM #
I think it's interesting to see such a move to handhelds (esp. my favorite model). Do you think it will be advantageous to kids? Will they benefit?

Good Start, Now Finish

Ken Peterson @ 12/31/2000 1:44:54 PM #
Let's hope these types of experiments follow through to fruition so that all students have the opportunity to experience this type of technology first hand in class and at home.

But what'll happen when they learn to beam?

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/2/2001 8:15:38 AM #
It'll make cheating a breeze!

And don't forget the conversations, gossip, games and pranks being played during class.

Great opportunities for mischief,

Thank you, very much.



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