Studies Predict Slow Growth for Bluetooth, eBooks

Daedalus Venture Group has released a study that says that venture capitalists are over-investing in Bluetooth chip technology, while not investing enough in the applications that will create a demand for those chips. They are predicting a glut of Bluetooth chips in coming years. According to DVG, 74% of VC money for Bluetooth went to semiconductor firms, while only 23% was invested in applications.

"Irresponsible supply-side projections showing tremendous growth in the number of Bluetooth-enabled devices are driving manufacturer demand for chips," the study said. "However, there is still no widespread demonstrated market demand for the technology at an application level."

A separate study by Forrester Research predicts a not much brighter future for eBooks. It forecasts slow growth for both eBooks and eBook reader devices.

"Publishers are expecting trade eBook sales that won't materialize -- the drawbacks of reading onscreen will discourage all but the most motivated readers," said Daniel P. O'Brien, senior analyst at Forrester.

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bluetooth maybe, ebooks no

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/27/2000 11:37:54 AM #
I expect Bluetooth to come in handy for automagic docking, but have not heard of any killer appsthat flipped my tech-toy switch.

On the other hand, standalone EBook players get a definite thumbs down. Why would I want yet another box to carry? My Palm already carries novels for when I have some time to kill.

RE: bluetooth maybe, ebooks no
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/27/2000 2:17:42 PM #
I use ebooks on my Palm IIIc. I think that the price has to come down to make me BUY many of them. I think that the standalone ebook readers will have some life in the future. How and to what degree, we'll just have to wait and see.




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