More Predictions for the Consumer Electronics Show

Cnet has weighed in with their list of expected developments at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks of on Friday. Palm's CEO Carl Yankowski will use part of his keynote to show off a slightly mysterious service that will "allow Palm owners to use the handheld's infrared port to perform new tasks," though exactly what those tasks are wasn't revealed.

Sony is going to demonstrate a prototype of a wireless modem for the Clié, though it won't ship until the middle of this year. It is expected to cost around $300 and use GoAmerica as its ISP. Despite hints to the contrary, they aren't expected to begin offering the color version of the Clié in the United States at this show.

Microsoft isn't expected to make any major announcements about the Pocket PC platform.

Thanks to Mike Cane for pointing this article out. -Ed

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