U.S. Senate Republicans Stay Connected with AvantGo

As they head into office this week, U.S. Senators and key staff members will benefit from instant access to key policy papers, daily agendas, press deployments and more from the Republican Party intranet and website on their handhelds with AvantGo Enterprise.

"We conducted a survey and found that 7 to 10 employees in each of the Senate Republican offices were using their personal digital assistants and a PC to synchronize their calendars. When we discovered AvantGo, we knew immediately that its enterprise solution could deliver more compelling content and bring it directly into the hands of those who needed information -- reliably and importantly, securely,'' said Tim Petty, director of Information Resources for the Technology Department of the Republican Conference.

Among those piloting the AvantGo Enterprise solution are the Senate Majority Leaders' office, the Assistant Majority Leaders' office, Secretary of the Majority office and Senators from New Hampshire, Mississippi and Colorado, as well as their key staff members.

Stan Ratcliffe, general manager of AvantGo Enterprise, said, "Leveraging the U.S. Senate's existing IT investments, AvantGo provides a robust solution that can be centrally managed and maintained for information consistency and secure access.''

AvantGo Enterprise is the company's software solution that lets businesses deliver Web-based content and applications over wireless and wired networks to handheld devices and Internet-enabled phones.

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