Sprint and Palm in Wireless Alliance

Sprint PCS and Palm, Inc. have just announced an agreement that will give Palm devices access to Sprint's all-digital voice and data CDMA network. They also plan to offer a co-branded version of the MyPalm portal. Additionally, this deal will allow enterprise customers to access their corporate e-mail, sales tool applications and corporate directories as part of the Sprint PCS Wireless Web for Business suite and Palm's wireless enterprise solutions.

Update: Data and voice use will be billed identically. Users will be charged a fee for a certain amount of airtime to use for either making calls or accessing data. All airtime beyond that will be charged on a minute-by-minute basis.

"As we aim to provide customers with effective Internet and other mission-critical information while on the go, wireless connectivity and location-based services are priorities for Palm," said Carl Yankowski, Palm CEO. "This relationship will ensure that our customers have a reliable option to wirelessly access the MyPalm portal, e-mail and other applications to get the information they want when they need it. It will help mobile professionals to further maximize the functionality and mobility of their Palm handhelds using the all-digital Sprint PCS CDMA network."

Sprint PCS and Palm will work together to help the Palm OS development community to build CDMA wireless solutions. Applications and hardware devices that use the Sprint PCS wireless network will be introduced throughout 2001.

Initially, the two will offer hardware and software that will allow customers to connect their Palm handhelds to a Sprint PCS Internet-ready Phone. The kit will include a data cable, a Palm handheld adapter, a CD-ROM, and a user's guide. It is expected to be available through Sprint PCS and online at The Palm Store in early 2001. Sprint also intends to distribute Palm OS based smartphones in the first half of 2001. A CDMA wireless modem for Palm handhelds is expected to be available mid-year in 2001.

Sprint PCS operates the largest 1005 digital, 100 percent PCS, voice and data nationwide wireless network in the United States, already serving the majority of the nation's metropolitan areas including more than 4,000 cities and communities across the country. Sprint PCS has licensed PCS coverage of nearly 270 million people in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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macbert @ 1/4/2001 11:33:12 AM #
I suppose the "palm smartphone" they are talking about is the Kyocera Smartphone QCP 6035. I can't wait for them to come out. I hope this deal motivates Sprint to have an "Unlimited Access" plan specifically for the PDQ2. The biggest problem I have heard on the origional PDQ (other than the size) is the $0.30 a minute for net connection. Any use of the "modem" feature was considered "Roaming".

mattyhayes @ 1/4/2001 12:30:03 PM #
'Modem' use was part of the wireless web package, which cost extra if you did not sign on for the plan. I used by Palm with my Qualcomm 1960 to access my email many times. But hooking a cord up to my phone everytime was not convenient.

This is already possible ...

alex_mathews @ 1/5/2001 2:08:52 PM #
I've been doing this for a few months now with a Palm IIIxe and a Qualcomm Thin Phone w/ a Palm connectivity kit. I used to use a free ISP, but I found out about using the QNC connection provided by SprintPCS. I have a friend that has created the necessary cable connections for the Samsung flip phone as well.

Helpful websites for the setup are the following:


Dual fee structure is absurd

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/5/2001 2:31:15 PM #
For the life of me I can't understand why Sprint charges additional fees for "data" calls. What difference does it make to their network? It's stupid and would seem to me to prevent wider use of wireless web/email.

RE: Dual fee structure is absurd
Ed @ 1/5/2001 2:38:05 PM #
Apparently this is going away. As the article says, "Data and voice use will be billed identically. Users will be charged a fee for a certain amount of airtime to use for either making calls or accessing data. All airtime beyond that will be charged on a minute-by-minute basis. "

Palm Infocenter

Sprint Data

Paul @ 1/7/2001 10:29:40 PM #
They don't charge extra for data, now (besides the $100 for a cable!). Everything's just airtime. I don't know how Sprint used to work with data, but I've been using it with my Palm since Nov. The modem for data isn't on the phone (it's already digital), but it uses modems at their office. I agree with the pain, though. The cable's not convenient (phone-serial-null modem-palm) I'll be first in line for the hardware that fits snug around my IIIc. Now if they could only do something about the 14k connection speed. I can't believe I used to think that was fast. :)


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