OmniSky Buys Location-Based Content Developer

OmniSky, the wireless ISP, is going to buy NomadIQ, a developer of location-based applications and services for handhelds. OmniSky said this purchase will let it deliver location services to its subscribers including next generation services to its subscribers -- including location-sensitive mobile commerce and user-to-user communications.

“NomadIQ has developed what we believe to be the most robust and comprehensive product for location-based applications and services,” said Patrick McVeigh, chairman and CEO of OmniSky.

The NomadIQ service allows subscribers to access location-based information and interact with a community of users by leveraging both online and cached data. Once integrated with the OmniSky service, subscribers will be able to:

  1. Locate and access comprehensive and media-rich information about local restaurants, entertainment venues, and other businesses as a function of their location; view and interact with maps and receive directions to those businesses; and save this information on their handheld device;
  2. Connect with merchants in person or online to complete a transaction, such as buying movie tickets or making restaurant reservations;
  3. Identify the location of -- and invite other subscribers to -- an event or a place and send along pertinent data including the address and directions, which, in turn, can be saved on the handheld device; and
  4. Engage in real-time communications and collaboration, including instant messaging, with friends and colleagues.
OmniSky’s product and technology teams have begun integration efforts and anticipate rolling-out service by the end of the first half of 2001. Similar services will be offered in Europe through OmniSky’s International Joint Venture with News Corp.

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