Create Stand-Alone Apps for HanDBase

DDH Software, developers of the HanDBase relational database application, have new RunTime program to convert any HanDBase database into a free-standing Palm OS app. The cost for developing a RunTime solution is $299, plus a standard licensing fee that ranges from $2.50 to $5.00 per copy (based on volume).

The RunTime application is modeled after the same user interface as HanDBase. Key features include the ability for end users to add, edit, and delete records in the same manner familiar to HanDBase users. The custom-designed applications created by developers will include a single file with the database(s) and the HanDBase engine embedded within.

The program is targeted at companies wanting to create custom applications, as well as individual developers who are interested in building marketable software products powered by HanDBase.

The HanDBase RunTime solution is ideal for organizations wanting to distribute data to their clients or employees using a stand-alone Palm application. It can also be an effective tool for transforming hard-copy data collection into an electronic form that can be re-distributed to a central location via email, beamed to colleagues, or printed for reporting purposes.

Developers interested in taking their product to market often lack the resources necessary for such a venture. DDH Software offers these developers a turnkey solution enabling them to tap into the company’s experienced sales, marketing and technical support resources.

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Good Idea

John Shehata @ 1/19/2001 6:33:08 AM #
I think that this is a pretty good idea that has some potential. Being a dbase developer who uses HandBase's software on my visor i can see usefulness. Only flaw that i can see is the price.

Consumer availability

Mike Capehart @ 1/20/2001 10:48:17 AM #
Do you think someday soon a similiar program at a lower price might be available for the consumer/non-enterprise market?

Outdated information

dhaupert @ 4/25/2003 1:32:10 PM #
Just wanted to comment that this is now outdated information. While this product was available previously we pulled it off the market while working on the 3.0 version, and are in the process of reinventing the wheel and changing the entire build process to be user driven. Stay tuned for more information shortly!

Dave Haupert

Runtime Update!!!

dazz @ 6/23/2003 10:09:41 AM #
It's READY!! Here is the press release info:


UNIQUE Online Application Builder for Palm OS
Added : (Mon Jun 16 2003)
Affordable Rapid Application Development!!

DDH Software would like to announce the
HanDBase Online Runtime Builder!

DDH Software, the developers of the award winning Palm OS relational database application HanDBase, now have a unique solution for anyone to create their own applications.

This unique Rapid Application Development solution allows anyone to develop standalone applications without having to learn ANY programming languages.

Creating your application could not be easier!
1. Create your databases and forms using HanDBase Professional or Enterprise versions - no programming experience required!
2. Use our UNIQUE Online Runtime Builder
3. Start distributing your application!!

At only $599.99 for UNLIMITED* licensing rights per platform, organizations can now afford to build a custom handheld application to distribute for its employees, customers or members without breaking the bank!

Visit our site to learn more about the…
HanDBase Online Runtime Builder



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