FirePad Releases Streaming Video Server

Firepad, Inc. has released FireProducer™, the only streaming video server for the Palm platform. Together with FireViewer™, it allows users to stream video to Internet-connected Palm OS handhelds. Depending on the Palm user’s connection speed, Firepad’s software can display color video at up to twenty-five frames per second.

The free desktop trial version supports one input stream and one output stream. The Lite version supports one input stream and multiple output streams and costs $150 while the Enterprise version costs at least $2000.

FireProducer is able to stream live video or existing video files over any type of TCP/IP network connection, analog or digital, wireless or wired. Vingage Corp. has partnered with Firepad to integrate FireProducer into its Vingage Video Server a comprehensive IP video management and delivery solution. EncodeThis! and Loudeye have partnered with Firepad to provide video encoding services for the FireViewer format.

“Firepad has a legacy of solving problems on handheld devices that many have deemed impossible. We are proud to offer the only true remote streaming video solution for the Palm,” said William E. Mitchell, chief executive officer of Firepad. “Best of all, the system works on today’s Palm and Handspring handhelds; no hardware acceleration or plug-in module is required.” Firepad was cited in a November 2000 report by premier technology research firm WIT Soundview as the company to have written applications that help “neutralize the multimedia gap between Palm and Pocket PC.”

FireViewer is compatible with all PalmOS devices. Firepad’s suite of enterprise client-server applications are the only such applications to have received Palm’s highest quality ratings, Palm Powered and Customer-RatedSM status. Together with FirePublisher Enterprise Server and FireProducer, corporations can now view documents, images and video stored on enterprise intranets over any type of connection. Firepad’s suite of products can integrate with PalmOS web clipping applications or other third party applications utilizing Firepad’s published Application Programming Interface.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 1/19/2001 11:19:47 AM #
Sweet, I wonder how the quality is on the "average" connection?

Demo Version

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/19/2001 12:58:21 PM #

I downloaded the demo and installed it on a server outside my firewall. I wanted to see how
well video streaming would work on my PVx-Minstrel (I'm sure its aggonyizingly slow).
The demo doesn't allow you to go to any server other then FirePad's. Ok I understand that,
they want to be paid, but their sites doesn't seem to have any video to view, just static JPGs
and a few "website" styled information.

I can use Avantgo to view static info, I would like to see them setup a demo with streaming
video. Has anyone found any such demos?

RE: Demo Version
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/21/2001 2:56:00 AM #
I have it setup on my home net and pic quality is ok considering palm greyscale device capabilities. How are you trying to connect to the server you set up? Are you going to the Open Location option under the options menu and entering "ftsp://"?

No thanks!

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/19/2001 1:49:35 PM #
streaming video on a Palm? No thanks! The resolution is still too low. A 160x160 video clip looks like crap. But most importantly, WHERE THE HELL IS THE AUDIO????

What good is video without sound? These developers must be smoking crack or something. Color and video don't belong a Palm device, at least not yet. Maybe once Palm increases the pixel res to somethink like 240x240, or 320x320 it will work.

But for can have it.

Streaming Audio First

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/19/2001 11:57:17 PM #
Streaming audio would be a much more interesting application.


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/24/2001 10:35:39 AM #
Will this be compatable with the new toshiba video chip? The chip might make the picture look better.


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