Quickies: Kessler Keynote, Syncplicity, Fictionwise

Alan Kessler, Palm's COO, will do the first keynote address for the Internet World Wireless 2001 on on Wednesday, February 21. The four-day conference will address wireless Internet technologies and business strategies, applications, market trends and projections, investment strategies, privacy concerns and other key issues. -Ed

Cognitive Root maker of Syncplicity (a utility for Palm users that allows importing of data to the Palm) has partnered with Coola to create Syncplicity 1.21 with new "send via Coola" functions. Now users can take text from any source and put it right in their Palms or send it to somebody else's Palm over the Internet. Syncplicity made the top 20 essential downloads at ZDNet, and is $10. -Nate

Fictionwise has signed seven new authors, acquiring nearly 100 additional works for the eBook website. The authors are: Jack Dann, Walter Jon Williams, Robert Reed, Charles Sheffield, Kage Baker, David Schow, Jerry Oltion, and Adam-Troy Castro. Many of the stories acquired are major award-winning or nominated works. -Scott Pendergrast

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John Lifer @ 1/21/2001 9:08:39 AM #

New Coola Features Make Syncplicity More Flexible

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/22/2001 10:58:12 AM #
The new Coola features allow syncing Syncplicity data even if you don't use Palm Desktop, though you are limited to addresses, events and memos. We still expect to have our Outlook version in Feb. Thanks PI and crew. - http://www.cognitiveroot.com">CognitiveRoot.com.

FictionWise Free Nebula Ebooks

EbookDude @ 1/23/2001 9:05:41 AM #
Another cool thing about FictionWise is they have three or four free Ebooks that have been nominated for this years nebula awards. That plus the Resnick novels are all I need.


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