CEO Paints a Rosy Picture of Palm's Future

Palm CEO Carl Yankowski said yesterday that his company expects to maintain its large share of the handheld market for the foreseeable future. In his speech to the investors at the Banc of America Technology Week Conference, he also said Palm has been quite successful recently in the low end of the market, selling over 535 thousand m100's in the first quarter, two-thirds of which were to students. "It was the most successful launch in our history," Yankowski said.

Palm has also recently signed contracts with 350 companies to give handhelds to their employees and is making increasing sales to schools and universities.

Looking to the future, he said that OS 4 is on track to be released in a few months and showed a prototype of the m505. He also brought up that his company will be releasing some new wireless handhelds in the second half of the year that will have "robust" e-mail and instant messaging capabilities.

Palm is working hard to increase sales overseas. International sales currently make up 38% of their revenue base but they are working to make it over 50%.

Some analysts, thought, aren't as confident about Palm's future, at least on the near term. Wit SoundView believes that Palm's earning for this quarter will come in at the very low end of management's estimates, mostly because the company is still suffering from component shortages. However, they still rate the company a strong buy.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 2/8/2001 10:46:49 AM #
All good news then for the avid palm fans!

Does any one know where i might get more details on Palms future strategies and plans?



RE: Superb!
Ed @ 2/8/2001 11:21:59 AM #
There are two past articles you should read:

Palm CEO Shares Vision in PalmSource 2000 Keynote

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Palm Infocenter

RE: Superb!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/8/2001 3:12:18 PM #
Thanks for the links! There is some interesting stuff going on in the market at the moment. What with MS trying to muscle in on the PDA arena (without too much success). We also have Palm moving into areas such as the Web in order to complement their core business.

Thanks for the links!

Mike Knox

CEO Paints a Rosy Picture of Palm's Future

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/8/2001 9:22:17 PM #
Well I hope it's rosy. I'm looking into getting a new m505 when it arrives. I sold my old palmpilotpro almost 6 months ago b/c I thought I needed more. Took my cash now and got a Philips nino on ebay for $150US. So far, I like WinCE. There are more features even on this old device than palms. But I know now from experience that I don't use all those features. I'm also using Linux & MacOS more than Windows, so of course syncing is an issue. I hope Palm can develop new devices and bring me back to the Palm Camp. Keep the prices reasonable Carl!



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