OmniSky to be Available in Europe

OmniSky and News Corporation announced today that their joint venture, OmniSky International, has launched the first integrated wireless e-mail and Internet service on mobile devices in Europe. The three-month beta program, which initially will be available only in the United Kingdom, is the first part of OmniSky's plan to make its wireless service throughout Europe. The service will be offered with a Visor Platinum or Prism, a VisorPhone and airtime from BT Cellnet. There is, as yet, no word on cost.

BT Cellnet will connect OmniSky customers via its nationwide GSM 900 network. The company's extensive European roaming agreements allow customers to remain connected to vital email and Web-based information across the continent.

Update: OmniSky is offering a free Visor and VisorPhone, as well as unlimited online time for three months.

Those who sign up for the trial will get the service--with three months of unlimited airtime--and a Visor and VisorPhone for 299 pounds ($435). Getting a Visor Prism costs more. The test service will not include voice service.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 2/20/2001 9:55:42 AM #
and STILL nothing in Canada....

Ed @ 2/20/2001 10:19:40 AM #
If you live in Manitoba, here's some news for you:

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I.M. Anonymous @ 2/20/2001 4:04:03 PM #
If you live in Manitoba, you're too busy chasing caribou to be surfing wirelessly! :)

I like Omnisky

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/21/2001 6:11:12 PM #
When it will be available in Korea
Most of country in the world
I live in Korea and It have good communication environment.
OmniSky should think to Korea.

Free Visor and VisorPhone for Brits

Ed @ 2/24/2001 10:23:12 AM #
OmniSky is offering a free Visor and VisorPhone to customers who sign up during their 3 month trial in Britain. More details have just been added to the article above.

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