Palms to Sport Advanced Calculator

Infinity Softworks has agreed to license their powerOne Personal software to Palm, Inc. The agreement allows Palm to offer professionals and students the option of computing advanced math calculations from any location using customized worksheets developed by Infinity Softworks. The software is available on the company's website now as a free download and more advanced versions for finance, graphing and scientific uses can be purchased. The personal version already comes with the IIIc.

Elia Freedman, Infinity Softworks' CEO said "The Palm and Infinity Softworks combination lets users without programming backgrounds solve complex mathematical equations using worksheets that are specific to their own particular needs,'' he said.

The application requires PalmOS 3.0 or later and 81K of handheld memory.

In a related story, Bachmann Software & Services announced yesterday a renewed license agreement with Palm Inc. The agreement, originally established in 1999, allows Palm to integrate the Bachmann Print Manager into MultiMail Pro.

Print Manager is a printing engine that lets MultiMail Pro include printing support among its features.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 2/21/2001 12:43:09 PM #
I've been using this calc on my Palm IIIc to replace the built-in calc for quite a while now. It has a better look and feel.

Good beginning.....

kimfung @ 2/22/2001 5:39:07 PM #
I think This is a good start for Palm to replace Their Build in App...since
some of them are really useless...

Better Calc

Ron R @ 2/23/2001 11:02:53 AM #
After I read the capabilities of this calculator on their site, I immediately downloaded and installed it. The built-in functions are very helpful and more efficient to use. I recommend everyone change their default calc for this one. BTW, the color is a nice touch. ;)


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