New Video Tools for the Palm

Generic Media today announced the release of the gMovie Maker and gMovie Player, letting Macintosh and Windows users convert and play back color video, animation, and still image files for any Palm OS handheld. gMovie Maker can take a wide variety of digital formats, including MPEG-1, QuickTime, and Macromedia Flash. gMovie Player is free. The gMovie Maker is available as a free trial. Users can upgrade to the full version for $30.

gMovie Maker
This application allows users to convert video, animation, and still images into the gMovie format using Macintosh or Windows PCs. It features control settings for color depth, frame size and frame rate. The gMovie Maker also provides helpful features such as drag-and-drop batch processing, and exporting directly to the HotSync folder or the Memory Stick with Sony's Clie. It supports popular media formats used by most websites and consumer video editing tools, including:

  • Video: AVID, DO, MPEG-1, QuickTime
  • Animation: GIF, Macromedia Flash, FLU
  • Still Images: BMP, JPEG, Photoshop, PACT, PING, Tara, TIFF

gMovie Player
The gMovie Player allows the playback of video, animation, and still images in the gMovie format on Palm OS handhelds. Content in the gMovie format, as well as the application itself, can be beamed from one Palm device to another. Originally released as the media Player in September 2000 and bundled with the Clie, Sony's Palm-Powered PDA, the it expands the viewing of digital media to all Palm OS devices.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 3/2/2001 12:12:34 AM #
Wouldn't a full movie eat the palm's memory pretty fast?

RE: well..
PFloyd @ 3/2/2001 11:15:23 AM #
Yeah. But here's what you do. ;-) There's some guy who says he can upgrade a Prism to 16 MB of Ram. Then you buy a 16 MB flash card. Viola! I don't seriously recommend this but I'm sure someone will be doing just that. I am serious that there's someone upgrading Prism's to 16 MB though.


The Piloteer @ 3/5/2001 2:12:23 PM #
I am glad to see that, yet again, Macs were mentioned here. I am also glad that someone \bFINALLY created a Palm movie maker for the Mac!

Perhaps I should HotSync some of Apple's commercials to my Palm. ;-)

No sound hugh?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/5/2001 7:42:57 PM #
Lack of sound capability, what a pity! ActiveSky, TealMovie is still my better alternative. However rich of supported media format to convert, is the nice thing of this stuff. Please consider this feature and I'll purchase 1 license:)


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