Palm IIIe Special Edition due out soon

On Tuesday, Palm Computing will release the Palm IIIe Special Edition, a limited-time version of the recently released, low-cost ($229) organizer. What makes this model special is that it comes with a clear case and lid. It will also come equipped with 2 megs of memory and the enhanced LCD screen used buy the Palm IIIx.
Update: The Palm III SE is out. Check it out at

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Palm IIIe vs III

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/19/1999 10:56:32 AM #
For what I understand, The IIIe has a much nicer sreen, but it's not upgradable. Do you need to upgrade that much? I'd really like to choose the IIIe for its screen, but I'm not sure what I really loose (upgradability)!
RE: Palm IIIe vs III
@tomic212 @ 8/19/1999 11:08:08 AM #
No upgrading really isnt that important with Palms. Unless you want to add a pager card or memory. Your probable better off with a Palm IIIe se just because it has a clear case!
RE: Palm IIIe vs III
Calvin @ 8/19/1999 1:21:31 PM #
Its actually better to compare the IIIe (and SE) to the IIIx. They are identical except for three points:

1) IIIe/SE only has 2MB (vs 4MB in IIIx)
2) Not upgradable (ROM isn't flash)
3) Not expandable (No internal expansion slot)

Now, the SE is identical to the IIIe except its clear cased, the buttons and cradle are black (vs gray) and the stylus is black plastic (not metal).

RE: Palm IIIe vs III
Denise @ 8/23/1999 1:51:56 PM #
I just bought a IIe yesterday to replace my pro with the 2mb upgrade. Deswpite the fact that at any given moment I have less than300kb of free space. It seems to be worth it. I used to go through 2-3 sets aof battereis in a week, because I needed the backlight constantly. I have not had to use the backlight in the IIIe under the same circustances that I would normally use a backlight on my pro.
Staples has a great offer on the IIIe right now. signup for 2 years of msn and get the IIIe for 4.99. Really, my total cost was 18.43 The tax based on the purchase price of 229.99. I was thinking about switching providers anyway and this was too good to be true.

I just got one

John @ 12/15/1999 2:02:53 PM #
In my view, the palm iiie is much better looking than any previous model, with perhaps the exeption of the palm v. The clear case just completes the look. It has a clear screen, nice price, but the only con is it isn't upgradable. WHO CARES? The clear case should be intergrated into the palm v's to boost their sales.


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