TRG Pro web site up

You can check out the details on the new TRG Pro at PalmStation has a hands on review of the new TRG Pro posted. How much for a 340meg IBM Microdrive?

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If that question about the Microdrive was serious...

FireMage @ 10/19/1999 1:30:14 PM #
Finding the price was a real pain in the butt, but I tracked it down. Add 340 Megs to your TRGPro for $499.99. It seems to me that this is just about enough to store every program ever written.


I.M. Anonymous @ 10/19/1999 4:51:58 PM #
Will the TRGPro really have a type II CompactFlash slot? A type II CompactFlash card allows you to use (kind of like Type II/III PCMCIA cards) two type I CompactFlash cards (like the standard memory cards), or one type II CompactFlash device (twice the thickness of normal compactFlash cards). The IBM microdrive is a type II CompactFlash device.

If it /does/ contain a type II CompactFlash device--that's awesome. I see this design as being far superior to springboards. You can use memory cards that are already standard in digital cameras and other devices (smaller investment), plus I'd imagine Springboard-type devices could be made to use the compactFlash port.

RE: Microdrive? @ 10/19/1999 6:17:03 PM #
Go to CLASS=NEWS> You will see the IBM Microdrive specifically mentioned as being able to work on the TRGPro! mc
RE: Microdrive?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/19/1999 9:35:21 PM #
Actually to correct a small error in your post, the thickness of a CF Type I is 3.3mm while the thickness of a Type II card is 5mm, not quite twice as thick.

The TRGpro does have a CF Type II slot and will support the Microdrive, though it's a real power hog and sits right at the limit of current drain that the device allows (300mA). I'd be more interested in the new CF-II flashdisk cards, which currently support 240MB and use a LOT less power.

BTW the new Compaq palm-sized wince machine had to sacrifice it's CF-II slot to get to the size of a Palm and so it only has a CF Type I slot.

RE: Microdrive? @ 10/20/1999 11:30:22 AM #
What is this "flashdisk" you speak of? Is it like the Microdrive, or is it just a higher-capacity CF (ie, chips?). What is the price and power comparison? mc
RE: Microdrive?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/20/1999 11:43:28 AM #
Correct, flashdisk is just what I call CF memory cards to differentiate them from memory (i.e. RAM).

Pretec have a 160MB CF card available now, and they will have a 320MB CF card out in January. I can't recall who the manufacturer or the 240MB version was, but it should be available by now as well.

The great thing about CF card is that they only draw 0.6mA while not reading or writing.

Even when they're reading and writing, they only draw 20/25 mA respectively in power-saving mode and 65/70 mA in high-performance mode.



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