JFile 5 Adds VFS Support

Land-J Technologies has announced the release of the JFile 5 database app. Among the new features are the abilities to encrypt a database inside of JFile itself, movement to and from VFS memory cards, Handera 330 high res screen support, enhance Jog Dial and keyboard support, calculated fields, and more extensive use of color. It sells for $25.

"Nearly every change or enhancement we have made to the product has been as a direct response to customer generated feedback," said J.J. Lehett, President of Land-J Technologies. "We believe this major update keeps with our three primary goals of JFile: simplicity, speed, and stability, while at the same time greatly expanding the utility of the application with such options as calculated field types and database encryption security - opening up new possibilities for business and personal data storage usages."

Other new features include:

  • Encryption of databases using 64-bit Blowfish algorithm
  • Five different sort and filter settings can be saved for quick and easy usage
  • Maximum number of databases increased to 120
  • Updated user interface
  • Multiple locked columns for left/right scrolling in the main database view
  • Default values for fields, and read-only field options available
  • Upload JFile databases to corporate databases using Beam-via-Coola feature
  • Right-alignment of numeric fields available
  • Symbol bar-code scanning support added to JFile 5

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handbase...r u listening?

arw4f @ 8/8/2001 11:17:56 AM #
DDH better pay attention...encryption is an awesome addition!



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