Week in Review: Jan. 6 -- Jan. 12

Perhaps the biggest news of the week was what didn't happen: none of the new handhelds that were expected to be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show actually were. The T615C was announced, just not in the U.S. Palm and Sony did release some hints on their new models, though.

There were a couple of announcements with long-term implications. The SD Association has finalized the SDIO standard, which should lead to more SD peripherals. Also, Palm chose Broadcom to supply Bluetooth chips for its next-generation handhelds.

After the long slow period surround the holidays, there were finally a good number of new products announced this week, generally at the CES. A Magellan GPS receiver that the m500 series can use should be out by Spring. Motient released the MobileModem, an always-on wireless modem for the Palm V series, and plans to release a m500 series model later this year. Also, the MemPlug SD/MMC Springboard will be out soon. Finally, the Kyocera smartphone is getting a Stowaway folding keyboard.

It wasn't as good a week for important new applications, with InStep Fax 2.1 being about it.

There was also only one review, though for a very useful item. The Universal Bridge allows Palm models with the Universal Connector to use Palm II or V series peripherals.

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